28 August 2009

Grafik magazine & Hellovon

Hellovon gets a feature listing in the UK Graphic design magazine grafik
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Wallpaper Magazine & HELLOVON

Wallpaper Magazine's on line Polaroid Project featuring Hellovon

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Hellovon's upcoming CERASOLI gallery Exhibition opens
September 19th, 2009 more info here +

26 August 2009

DAVID OBRIEN Yatzer Feature

David O’Brien recently was featured on Yatzer

"David O’Brien’s architecturally derived ink and color pencil paintings are instantly captivating. Dynamic geometrical shapes – prisms, diamonds, pinwheels, stars, etc. – leave you mesmerized, and quite possibly hypnotized. Its simplicity is spectacular, but at a closer look, it’s actually not simple at all but rather incredibly mathematically and geometrically abstract. What’s so interesting about viewing O’Brien’s work is the feeling like you’re departing from reality and entering a world of kaleidoscopic chaos and cosmological bliss...." text by Stepahnie Nahas for Yatzer

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David O'Brien 'Eyes of Providence', 2009,
Ink, pencil and colored pencil on paper, 18x14" framed $900
For further available works please email us at: contact@cerasoligallery.com

CR CREATIVE REVIEW hellovon listing plug

"Fresh from the successful group Summer show “The New Utopia” at Shepard Fairey’s Subliminal Projects Gallery, "Semblance" at Cerasoli Gallery will be Von’s debut solo show in L.A. The exhibition, named after the artist’s latest series of work, sees his drawing develop further his fascination with image construction, form, distortion and the process of drawing itself..."

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JOHN GRANDE recent exhibition review

John Grande recent East Hampton's exhibition “My Cindy, Your Cindy” @The Sara Nightingale through Sept. 3 receives a local press review;

On Shelter Island, Three Shows Go Figure By Jennifer Landes

'......Perhaps the most coolly conceptual, the subjects in Mr. Grande’s exhibit may look disarmingly familiar and are, of course, if you have been paying attention at all to late-20th-century photography. The subjects are primarily from Ms. Sherman’s original “Untitled Film Stills” series, a full portfolio of 69 black-and-white photographs that famously sold some 15 years ago to the Museum of Modern Art, anointing them for the ages as part of the canon and preserving them as a complete unit.

Mr. Grande has taken them and some later works as the subjects of his oil paintings. Absent is the nudge of irony one might expect from such a treatment. His faithfully replicated paintings, which include the original photograph’s own abstractions, are more homage than anything snarky or disrespectful....'

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Untitled Portrait #92,2008, Oil on Canvas, 58x31"

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18 August 2009


An impressive aspect of Roy Nachum is his ability to design, understand space and pay attention to detail. His extra avant gard interior design projects, are conceptual, dramatic and unique. Nachum sees each space in which he creates not only to be beautiful, for him the space is a story full of surprises and conflicts, for him it is to build an enormous sculpture in which people experience from inside. Nachum's signature to every design is his art. The space itself is art and to complete the story he collaborate his paintings.

Nachum has designed nightclubs and restaurants throughout New York and around the world. In New York City he designed the ultra exclusive nightclubs Door and 1oak. Busy restaurants: Saucy, Five Napkin Burger, Rino Ceronte, SuperHotDog and Justin Timberlake’s Southern Hospitality. He created the art for Tao Las Vegas.

"A counterpoint to all the glitter and glam, 1Oak’s interior, where Akiva’s vision was carried out by creative director and artist Roy Nachum, exudes an old world charm. Nachum’s mysterious, hand-painted murals are complemented by neo-Louis XIV furniture......" Ken Scrudato
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17 August 2009


Opening Reception: Saturday August 22, 6-9pm

Roy Nachum 'Prophecy' 2009
oil on canvas 50x55"

At first glance the paintings by Roy Nachum can easily be confused with digital art. However, his works are actually oil paintings on canvas that are painted in a way that spurs the viewer to investigate further. Nachum creates his images by utilizing the idea of pixels. Each ‘pixel’ is painted one-by-one. The end result is a painting that comes together in a unique manner. Nachum describes this as creating micro worlds that come together in order to form the pattern of a single reality or of a dream.

Roy Nachum 'Sacrifices of Ones' Own desire' detail 2008
oil on canvas, 47x71"

This different technique also creates the desire of a physical approach to the piece, inviting people to feel and touch every pixel, experience the virtual and physical coming together in one unique moment. Influenced by everything that surrounds Nachum examines daily behaviors of different people, what makes them do the things they do and why-- what they take for granted and why they do so. Thought, making and results – this is the origin of Nachum’s inspiration.

Roy Nachum 'Equality of Condition' 2008,
oil on canvas 81x187"

11 August 2009

Work in progress by HELLOVON


Please contact the gallery for further Exhibition info: contact@cerasoligallery.com
Hellovon's upcoming CERASOLI gallery exhibition
'Semblance' Opens September 19th.
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FINE ARTS LA gallery interview

The Fine Arts La Team stopped by recently to do an film interview with the gallery director and owner Freddi Cerasoli

"....After opening her gallery six years ago and watching the Culver City art scene grow around her, Freddi has really developed a style and reputation for showing not only emerging artists, but emerging styles of art....." Nicole Campoy - Editor of Fine Arts LA

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John Grande @ Sara Nightingale Gallery, NY

John Grande 'My Cindy, Your Cindy' is on View at the Sara Nightingale Gallery though to September 3rd.

For more information contact Sara Nightingale @ 631-793-2256

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